Our Story


They say “Good things come to those who wait.”


Patience and timing is what brought us together…

Living in the same area Jack and I had crossed paths and stole glances prior to our first meeting. We would see each other around and had known of each other for quite a while. In the years leading up to our first date, our paths would cross a number of times, each time a feeling was there but for whatever reason we were too shy to act on those feelings. Jack says he can clearly remember his attraction to me at the final Firefest, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t recall that day too! We both smile and recall a few other events where the attraction was apparent.

Although we shared a prior attraction, it really all started late 2014. I was planning a baby shower for my brothers’ girlfriend, Cathy and had gotten in touch with Jack about renting the Fire Hall for the shower. Jack and I started chatting over Facebook and finally exchanged phone numbers so that we could “discuss” use of the Fire Hall. This led to meeting in person. Jack asked if I would need help with decorating the hall for the baby shower, so naturally I was all too eager to accept his help! Truth be known at the same time Jack was offering his help, I was refusing help from my family and Lindsey’s. When the shower was over and all decorations taken down, I was afraid that my time with Jack was over as well. I was more than thrilled when our talking continued. Soon after, as a thank you for helping me, I invited Jack over to my house for dinner. I was so nervous that I left work early to prepare, clean the house and anxiously await his arrival. When the night came to an end, we made plans to see each other again, and again and again… A year went by pretty fast!

For our year anniversary, I decided to take him on a surprise trip to NYC where we visited Times Square, China Town, NYC Fire Museum, John J. Harvey Fireboat, Ground Zero and rode atop a bus tour of Manhattan… We had such an amazing time. Our first “I Love you” came shortly thereafter. In May of 2016 we went on our first vacation together, now for those of you who don’t know Jack, well this was quite a feat!! Each morning we would wake to the sound of waves crashing on the beach, we saw wild horses on Assateague Island (Jack was kicked by one!!) and went on a helicopter ride.

Many days and wonderful memories have since passed, bringing us to our most recent, Christmas… Jack proposed and asked if I would marry him! This day was the happiest day of our lives! We are beyond excited to begin our new life together and cannot wait to share our special day with all of you


The Wedding

January 12, 2018



The Natural Gardens

304 Sutherland Road
East Meredith, New York 13757




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